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In-Home Euthanasia Oshkosh WI

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Comfortable & Familiar

Being in a familiar and comfortable environment can reduce stress and anxiety for both your pet and you, and your family. Your pet can be surrounded by their favorite toys, blankets, and family members, making the process more peaceful and less intimidating.

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Private Experience

In-home euthanasia provides a private and intimate experience, allowing family members to say goodbye to their beloved pet where they are most comfortable…their home.

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Personalized Experience

In-home euthanasia provides a more personalized and customized approach to end-of-life care, with Dr. Kendra and your family working together to create a plan that fits your needs and wishes.



Euthanasia (Only)

This is the base euthanasia price. You will be responsible for handling the arrangements for your pet’s burial or cremation.


Communal Cremation

This is a way for us to help you care for your pet’s remains. If you elect communal cremation we will transport your pet to the crematorium for you. By default, the ashes are interred at Forest Run Pet Cemetery, and no remains will be returned to you. The total cost for Euthansia with communial cremation is $475.00 (including tax)

+$250 (+ tax)

Private Cremation

If you wish to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, this service must be elected. Your pet’s cremains will be carefully transported and returned to you in a beautifully crafted wooden urn (typically takes between 2-3 weeks). The total cost for euthanasia with private cremation is $580.50 (including tax). Our Oshkosh, WI euthanasia clients can pick up their pet’s ashes at Forest Run Pet Cemetary in Sherwood, WI.

Note: Due to the handling requirements there will be an additional fee of $125 for animals over 100 pounds. This fee only applies only if either cremation option is selected.

Additional Note: We are not an emergency clinic and do not provide emergency medical services. We do require an appointment and our normal office hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. Given the sensitive and sometimes emergent need for euthanasia additional arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis and will incur additional charges. In-Home Euthanasia services provided after 4:30PM, on weekends, or during holidays will incur an additional $200 fee. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (920) 399-2099 or text us at (920) 789-2820.

Our In-Home Euthanasia Service Area

Note: We can service areas outside of the below service area, but additional fees and/or restrictions may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not. We are passionate about the benefits that in-home euthanasia offers to both pets and their owners and part of our mission is to expand access to this service.

We recognize the sometimes urgent need for euthanasia and offer same-day appointments (when possible). Our normal hours are from 8AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday but can accommodate appointments outside of those hours, or weekend appointments. for an emergency fee ($200).

Generally speaking, the more notice you are able to give us, the more flexibility we are able to offer you. Even 48-72 hours can offer us a lot of flexibility in our schedule.

We do save spots for same-day appointments, but they are first come, first serve and do fill up fast.

The euthanasia can be performed wherever on your property that you and your pet are most comfortable (couch, floor, bed, etc). For anything done outside, we do ask that you have a method to ensure that your pet is contained. We do caution owners that animals can lose control of their bladder and bowels after passing, so we recommend a non-permeable surface be considered under a blanket to avoid the need to clean during the emotionally raw period that occurs post-euthanasia.

We offer Paw Prints for $30 (including tax), and a “HeartBeat Memory Item” for $30 (including tax) done at the time of service. The crematorium that we partner with also has a wide variety of memory items available as well. Click here to view our memory products.

None at all. We’ve had groups as large as twenty attend the euthanasia, and of course, people (and pets) of all ages are welcome to attend (including kids). We are here for you and want this to be the end-of-life experience for your pet that you are most comfortable with.

We encourage our clients to not look for a particular “moment” of time, but to instead look at it as a “window of time” where there is justification for humane euthanasia. We almost never hear of an owner saying, “I wish I would have waited longer”, but we often hear, “I wish I would have done it sooner”.

The reality is that you as the owner are the best judge as to your pet’s quality of life. This is one of the hardest decisions we have to make as pet owners, so please don’t feel as though you have to struggle with this decision in private. You can call us ANYTIME and talk over your pet’s case with us. We can also provide a quality-of-life consultation where Dr. Kendra will come to your home and evaluate your pet in their home environment.

The only discomfort your animal will feel during this process is the initial sedative injection. This feels similar to a tetanus shot, and all animals respond differently. Some do not seem to notice, while others can be a little more sensitive to it. Either way, it is very quick and animals are usually back to enjoying the attention in less than a minute. The sedative is an important part of ensuring that they are in a deep sleep prior to their passing. This allows the last memories your pet has to be those of their family surrounding them with love.

The euthanasia process consists of two steps. The first is the sedative. This typically takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes for the animal to gently fall asleep. After this point, you are given as much time as you need to spend with them. When you are ready, Dr. Kendra will administer the medication that will stop their heart. This process can also take between five to ten minutes, but due to the sedation, the animal won’t experience any discomfort during this time.

We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card. We also have financing options available through ScratchPay and CareCredit. Contact us for more details. Note that due to the mobile nature of our practice, any cash paid must be exact change.

Client Testimonials

My family and I cannot recommend Healing Touch enough! We have never experienced the kind of care and support that Dr. Kendra provided to us as it became evident it was time to help our beloved cat with her passing. We did not want to cause any further stress or discomfort to our sweet girl in her last moments and did not want to take her to the vet’s office. Dr. Kendra was a calm voice and so accommodating in making a visit to our home to provide the care we needed. Dr. Kendra made certain all procedures and medicines were explained clearly ensuring our understanding and comfort. Surrounded by her family and in our home our girl had the most dignified and beautiful passing. Thank you Dr. Kendra and Healing Touch for providing this service and offering a choice in end of life care. Our family is deeply grateful.

Lee M.

Dr. Kendra was empathetic, kind and caring during a very difficult time. My heart was breaking and she understood. She responded quickly and offered help in every way. My sweet Merci was treated gently with respect. She went peacefully “to the clouds” while being held and told how much she was loved in the comfort of her home surrounded by people who adored her. During a time filled with emotional pain, Dr. Kendra was there to offer comfort and peace.

Jayne Z.

The care, compassion and love Dr. Kendra showed not only my 2 dogs Bella and Macy, but also to myself will not be forgotten. Her knowledge goes without saying, but she explained so we could understand what was necessary. We ended up having to euthanize both our girls within days of each other. Dr. Kendra came on her own time not wanting our girls to suffer anymore. She listened to stories about our girls and even teared up seeing how sad we were. A special thanks to her husband Mike who helped me through such a tough time, with his kind words. This world we live in needs more wonderful, caring, loving people like Dr. Kendra and Mike. We are forever grateful! Ps. Dr. Kendra also gives great hugs!

Carrie C.

Dr. Kendra was extremely compassionate when she came to help my cat, Flora, pass at home. She had a calming presence and made me feel like I could have as much time as I needed to be ready to start the process. I am so appreciative that she was willing to drive all the way to Oshkosh on just a few hours notice, on a weekend. This was one of the hardest days of my life but it was so comforting knowing that Flora didn’t have to wait and suffer in pain. I didn’t know how I would be able to let a stranger leave with my pet but Dr. Kendra was so gentle that I was okay handing Flora over to her because I knew she would take good care of her. The peace Flora and I both felt from being able to be in our home during our last moments together was priceless.

Madeline K.

Dr Kendra Hodge came to our home yesterday after we had made the gut wrenching decision to end our sweet 13 year old black Labs suffering. Dr Hodge was responsive, compassionate, empathetic as well as patient and comforting. She was not our regular Vet but rather a chance we took after finding her website online. She made an awful process better with her demeanor and respect for us and our wonderful Ellie. Home euthanization was so much more intimate and consoling than having to go to a Vet’s office. Thank you again Doc.

Jeff M.

Dear Healing Touch, this was my first experience with in-home end of life. Dr.Kendra entered my home with the warmest, much needed hug, as I was pacing with my Eddie. She walked me through the procedure, while allowing me time, if I needed, with kindness and respect. The thought of taking him to the vet and him stressed was a concern. Eddie passed in peace in my arms

Cheryl P.